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Reported by : safexscam, 08/01/2021

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Daniel Dabek - SAFEX

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Be aware of the scam SAFEX. After doing an ICO in 2015 they delayed the release of their product and been blaming everybody else for the delay, Daniel Dabek admitted he toke 5million SFX and the money from the ICO and that there is no more money left to list the coin on exchanges or to do marketing, his PONZI scam is near to collapse as the price of SAFEX drop to near zero. Daniel Dabek is hiding, deleted his Twitter account and also deleted the twitter account of SAFEX @safex There are several lawsuit against Daniel Dabek and Safex for copyright infringement. Daniel Dabek abandoned his Bitcointalk thread and is not answering investors, EXIT SCAM is imminent. In this links there is valuable information about the scammer Daniel Dabek
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