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Reported by : Gerald, 11/01/2021

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Isla Hanna

Scam description
A person named Isla Hanna (on LinkedIn) lured me to their AstraTrader Bitcoin Investment. She has a good profile (500 + connections, and apparently based in UK) and has a social media following so I believed her. But later, I found out that she is just using this identity. She is pretending to be Hannah Forex. Hannah Forex herself mentioned that she has no LinkedIn and someone was using her profile. To continue, this fake Isla Hanna contacted me using LinkedIn, offered an investment opportunity on Bitcoin (AstraTrader Mining and Investment), and asked me to install Telegram, where we communicated. After creating my bitcoin wallet account and sending my money/BTC as investment deposit, she cant send the promised returns. And she kept asking for additional deposits so that she can send the proceeds but when I did it, she had alibis like a crash on her system, and cant send it. Now she do not respond to my messages. She blocked me on LinkedIn and kicked me out from the AstraTrader Telegram group chat.
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Her Telegram username to communicate with you