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Reported by : AntiDolos, 29/01/2021

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WeBlock (WON) ICO is Scam (Full Evidence)

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**At first glance, this headline may surprise you**, whether WeBlock (WON) ICO is really a scam or not. In appearance, it is a good project, with all the new and attractive ideas and using a wide platform and have experienced good sale during the ICO period. But we have a complete report that will prove with *full document and many screenshots* that the WEBLOCK ICO IS MOST LIKELY A SCAM. Even if we are optimistic, we can consider it a failed project. 1. Serious Legal Loopholes. They have **NOT registered** any names or companies. 2. No Locaton. *Everything is in the shadows*. 3. There is **NO team**. We have no info about the founders and their team. They have completely hidden. 4. Lot of info, including ICO, is completely **FAKE**, and with a little research **(with evidence)** we find that they beyond what they are. 5. Long list of MVP and sub-businesses, most of which have not yet been launched. 6. **Very low token sales after 6 months.** Only 120 holders. It is impossible to manage 7 businesses with only $20K. There is no IEO stage. *Finally, if you want to check all these claims **with documents** and read the full report, you can find the full WeBlock (WON) ICO Rating and Review on Antidolos.*
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