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Reported by : standrews00, 22/02/2021

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@dednugga ( scam)

Scam description
On Twitter Billionaire CEO of Social Capital, Chamath Palihapitya claimed he was making a big announcement. Chamath Palihapitya did not do anything wrong (I saw plenty of messages tagging him, and it didnt seem like people had identified the scam). Twitter handles @dednugg and @mikaelagangai were profiles describing the giveaway. An impersonator in his thread then said he was giving away 5000 Bitcoin and Ethereum. The give away would be for every 1 BTC sent 5 (or I later found 10) would be returned, the remaining would be sent to charity. I sent .135 BTC - Im stupid, I should never have thought it was real. I sent the BTC to the following address: 1CjHmWuL83mfF2WicrZknLKQxyncaWwfN6
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