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Reported by : curt, 22/03/2021

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Minereum (MNE) - SCAM TOKEN

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Minereum (MNE) that consider itself the first self-mining smart contract is full of shit relaucnhed to just SCAM users. Firstly they organised the airdrop with the intention of gaianing publicity and even airdropped 32,000 LOCKED to every users that cant be transfered. Then they have created a complex mechansim whereby users : 1. Airdrop Users (or Genesis Address holders) have to send 0.1 ETH - 0.2 ETH i.e $40 on the higer side just to upgrade it to higher level. 2. Even after one upgrade it the token 32,000 MNE cant be transfered to Exchange or other wallet and fee that has been sent have only one benefit that the Genesis address can now self-mine MNE tokens. 3. Going by the rate....It is going to takes 50 years to able to withdraw all 32,000 MNE that is TOTALLY USELESS AND BULLSHIT. 4. Many usesr have even sent 0.2 ETH thinking that they would be able to withdraw their tokens because MNE DEV havent provided details clearly to users and just have made everything complex so that a new users cant undersatnd what its all about. 5. Even during this time they got deposit and withdrawal at LIVECOIN the only exchange where its listed is used to PUMP the coin so that it can be later on dumped to usesr. 6. After I have asked a logical reason that Why would some one pay .2 ETH just for staking .....and why they have conducted the airdrop if all tokens users received are LOCKED. I was kicked out of their group. 7. Now just to SCAM new users they are running SCAM schemes like Lucky Draw to loot more and more users. I have created this thread just to warn users to keep them STAY AWAY FROM THIS SCAM PROJECT .......
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