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Reported by : bono, 05/03/2020

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According to the narrative on their platform, they are said to be making money by investing in new startups, ICOs, cryptocurrency trading and mining. Usually most regulated firms try to be transparent with the public and they instill trust by publishing track records and updates of the portfolio allocation. This firm in particular does not share any details about the fund managers, trading strategies and the risk management measures they have in place. Investors do not have a clue about the win rate of their trading model and given the amount of vague details, sending money to them would be worse than gambling. On their website, they boast of having multiple mining farms around the world, but as they have intentionally skipped over mentioning the exact address, it is impossible to verify their existence. So, don’t take anything they say seriously and never make the mistake of trusting them with your funds. by definition is nothing more than a scam which is being perpetuated around the cryptocurrency markets. They have no real involvement in trading or mining and their only intention is to get access to your funds. Just like every other ponzi scheme, this one has scammed a lot of people and in the near future, it will crumble to dust and all the money invested will be lost permanently.
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