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Reported by : bono, 05/03/2020

Votes: 4 -SCAM

Scam description is a Bitcoin mining pool which promises to provide an easy way for anyone to get started with mining. is an ICO wherein they issue contracts based on the investment amount promising the clients certain amount of profits and use the funds to expand the mining operation. As the operational model of their business is a type of financial service means that they have to be regulated failing which all the people running this firm will have to face criminal prosecution. We thoroughly checked the FCA website for any details about this firm but we were unsuccessful in our attempt which proves the fact that they are operating in an illegal manner. Do not get confused seeing the registration details they have put up on their website as it is done deliberately to intrigue simpletons and appear reliable to the masses. This company is an undeniable scam! Unless you are familiar with the fundamentals of blockchain do not be eager to accept any offer regardless of what returns one might advertise. At the end of the day it is your money and you should be careful about how you manage it.
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