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Reported by : Dilli Prasad Lankipalli, 04/04/2021

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Name of the Scammer : Lina(Alias:Joyle),

Scam description
First, she approached one of my friends in India through online and started chatting with him. After that, she introduces herself as a financial analyst based out of Singapore and earns millions in crypto. We first never believed after that she started posting her profits and ask to invest 1000 USD. After one month of chatting and talking. We decided to invest. she guided to open a Binance account from there she asked us to open the account in the below link, which looks similar to the bitbank. During registration, this is the reference code used: z87sx0. After successful registration, I can able to transfer money from Binance to above link address we verified our address link through block chain explorer and saw the transaction also in binance. The transaction is real, after that she insisted to invest more to gain more money. So almost we ended up investing to this link 18000 USD from Mar 27th 2021 to Apr 1st 2021. My friend invested almost another 3300 USD. We are able to trade in this account and generated profits out of it. I tried initially to withdraw money and in the first transaction, 300USDT got credited back to Binance account. From the second withdrawal the amount got rejected and it says your account is under transaction protection and contact customer care. This is where we realised the customer care shows [email protected] No official company will use Gmail for communication. There are so many people linked to the above link and this is a huge scam it seems. We initially observed whether the trades are correct by observing the platform it works really well and she made millions using the above link. The girl that approached named her as Lina (alias: Joyle). Her phone number is which is +44-7833017432. But she claims that she is from Singapore. She never shared her facebook, tweeter or social accounts with us. The only communication she did was by call and whatsapp. When we wrote a mail on hope to [email protected], she said your accounts are frozen under Indian government law and please contact your government. And I cant login to the address. But I have taken all the transaction history screenshots.
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Crypto Exchange
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