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Reported by : NaiveCrypto, 06/04/2021

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Amy HGR ( scam)

Scam description
Met this girl on Tinder her phone number at the moment is +852 9600 3149 . She explains me how convenient is to invest in HGR crypto in Her uncle has some information that HGR will grow to 15 or 18. When you decided to sell you cant. If you send a message to their email [email protected] they answer this: *- Dear users, because the platform is an Asian platform and has not yet been listed, you are a European user and have no right to participate in investment, so your selling authority is restricted.* *- Dear users, you need to pay a deposit of $1,000, and then sell all your cryptocurrencies in, leave our platform, you are not allowed to invest,* And when you pay they never answer and you lost all your money. She just say that she didnt know or she is in trouble because si allow me to invest and the authorities are serching her. SCAM. The webside its a clone of same scam. You can read the same story for other people here for example:
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