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Reported by : cryptoexp666, 09/04/2021

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NCAT Token

Scam description
[b][color=black]What happened:NCAT token announced suspicious giveaway (Lamborghini Hurracan) from their partners Alpha Capital Ventures. Companies doesnt look real, looks like a mass scam. The main requirement to participate in giveaway is holding (need to hold 100 billion of NCAT tokens = 6BNB Now). Alpha Capital Ventures domain created 2months ago (based on This is my opinion, please be careful. [/color][/b] [b][color=black]Links: NCAT website [url=][/url][/color][/b] Alpha Capital website [url=][/url] Alpha Capital twitter [url=][/url] NCAT Telegram [url=][/url] Investor address (address was sent by NCAT admin, was to late to make proof screenshot that address was sent by him, because he deleted conversation)  [url=][/url] NCAT Contract address [url=][/url] [b][color=black]Screenshots: [url=][/url][/color][/b]
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