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Reported by : bono, 06/03/2020

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AirBit Club has left a massive wake of victims throughout Russia and Colombia. AirBit Club is an expansive crypto related venture that is based upon an affiliate tier. Prospective applicants interested with this program are able to become affiliates through and are able to enroll with 1 of the 3 memberships offered. According to their site, AirBit Club was founded with the mission of providing “cutting edge technology utilizing innovative tools to ensure that trading potential is maximized and that way increase bitcoin distributions to all affiliates.” In lenience terms, the alleged goal of this operation is to provide investors with an opportunity to accrue more earnings in Bitcoin. Further revealed on the site would be a partial business model, where the only verifiable source of income disclosed would be by those who deposit into their platform to get started with one of their memberships. As the site claims, “50% of bitcoins will be split among all club members and 50% will be used to increase the power of trading, also to solidify our business relationships with companies dedicated to the growth of technology to trade cryptocurrencies.” While some reference to the investment of deposited funds are hinted on the site, consumer feedback will reveal the contrary and go on to show that when confronted, AirBit Club refuses to provide transparent evidence in accordance to their statement. While AirBit Club claims to employ a “Matrix-based” commission tier, it is essentially a pyramid scheme when broken down. As with most untrustworthy Ponzi schemes, AirBit Club fails to provide any ownership information. Not only do they fail to disclose any identifiable or corporate entity but they are explicitly vague about their operational model. AirBit Club is a viral pyramid and Ponzi scheme hybrid.
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Renato Rodriquez ,
Renato Rodriquez , co-founders

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