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Reported by : Christojanvan, 13/04/2021

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Cheng Kima

Scam description
#Whyterock Wealth Management is a scam trying to get you to invest in high grow products. They request that you deposit money in your account, which you can never withdraw. They report the CEO of Whyterock Wealth Management to be Bernard Rothschild, no such person exist on any social platform. Website: Careline 1: +1 (313) 326 2332 Careline 2: +1 (510) 990 0026 Telegram channel: WRW management signal channel #Cheng Kima Main scammer: Cheng Kima Mobile number: +1 209 252 0757 Telegram accounts: @CK1222 or @ChengKima Cheng Kima is one the leading scammers. They create fake profiles and videos to support their effort to scam people out of their money. They approach you on Telegram, send you a whitepaper and direct you to the website. Everything looks extremely legitimate, but it is ALL FAKE. You will never get any funds invested back! The Bitcoin address they use is 1Hi8jCbQikH9jZ68yZgVX6DMyBfGxB9p87 They also publish a list of pay-outs on their telegram group (WRW management signal channel) which adds credibility to their scamming effort, do not be fooled by this!
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Crypto Exchange
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