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Reported by : bono, 06/03/2020

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Scam description claims to be cryptocurrency trading solution which earns its users enormous returns in the shortest time period possible. If you have the slightest idea about the way the blockchain or the general markets work, then you can easily identify all the lies on their website. Unfortunately, as the majority of the retail investors still do not have a clear understanding, they are the ones walking into the trap willingly without realising it. Cryptocurrency markets display a lot of volatility and traders all around the world love it as more volatility means more room for profits. However, you should never jump into trading without having strict parameters in place or else you will lose all your money pretty quickly. To understand the real nature of this alleged trading firm which has all the characteristics of a fraud platform, read our thorough review till the end. In order to offer investment services in the UK, this firm has to be regulated by FCA and should follow the complete set of guidelines set by them. When we searched the database of the FCA to verify the claims of this firm, we were shocked to find no relevant details about them. So, it is evident that they are lying about their legality and as such you can expect nothing, but trouble from them. Just like all the scams out there, this one also doesn’t mention any details about their creators and that makes it a lot difficult to cease their operation. is an illegal investment firm which will for sure loot all of their clients. Since they are experienced fraudsters and already have tackled the law for a long time, the likelihood of them getting caught is very slim. So, be wise enough to walk away from them and never give them a chance to convince you otherwise or else it will dent your bank account sooner or later
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