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Reported by : krestor, 23/04/2021

Votes: 4 Team (stock photos)

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After asking on their thread about the fake team members posted on their website, widecoin suddenly moved the topic to their local boards (off-topic) without even explaining their actions behind it. They opened another ANN in which I messaged them about my claim but they again, moved the newly opened ANN to their local board (off-topic) with a threat of even reporting me to the moderator. They even claimed that my report is useless arguing that even Satoshi never posted his identity on the internet. They seem to misunderstand that the difference between them and Satoshi is that, Satoshi never posted fake photos of himself while them, they posted stock photos in which the element of deceit is present. I believe this kind of attitude implies that they are trying to conceal the shadiness of their project which warrants an accusation against them. Please refer to the screenshots below. Bitcointalk details:
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