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Reported by : V.37, 05/05/2021

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Word of warning!! Always do your research online before entering into anything especially something as unregulated as cryptocurrency, once it is out of your wallet it is nearly impossible to get it back. Even the cryptocurrency recovery websites are scammers posing as legitimate people who want to help you. I lost close to $70,000CAD (what I had left over, after being scammed earlier in 2020 (lost $24,000CAD)). How much are you willing to lose before you finally learn your lesson?? So the story goes, I was browsing Facebook dating and matched with this cute girl from Hong Kong (red flag, most beautiful and cute girls coming out of Asia (especially China) seem to be scam artists). We started talking and it was not long (about a month) in before she threw the exclusvity label on the relationship and told me she had already told her mother about me (red flag, why so soon?). It was strange, as when she told me this, she also passed off her mothers contact information onto me and told me to contact her. Anyways, a month or so in and she was the one chasing me, trying to establish a concrete relationship (marriage, big house, kids, pets) and soon after got me to trust her and invest with her (she kept telling me it was my choice, that I did not have to invest with her, but every conversation always lead to money and investing for our future)(red flag, never invest with someone who you really dont know or have never met before). All throughout these 2 months I tried to make sure it was a real person (meet in person, video chat online). Having been scammed in 2020 I had to make sure everything was real (I did not want to go through that trauma again). I finally got her to video chat with me online in the first month after pestering her over and over again (it lasted all but 5 seconds) it never really gave me a good look at her (red flag). Over the next few weeks, I kept pestering to see her again (there was always an excuse (cant see each other because of Covid19) she was shy and didnt want to video chat, etc.) Up until now I have never seen her (February 3 to May 3, 2021). She was great in the beginning, always giving me time and attention, chasing after me; but that lasted all but a month and a half. After we became exclusive she all but neglected me (probably was working on a new victim), in the beginning she would say good morning and good night to me, with some filler in between the day. After about 2 months, she went quiet on me. I had to initiate all the good mornings, we even had an agreement whoever goes to bed first says good night, she was good in the beginning (about 2 weeks) then I rarely ever got a good night. The last time she actually said it was before I told her I could not invest for 3 weeks, becasue I had credit cards, car payment, and car insurance to pay. I had told her on a Friday, she ghosted and went all silent on the weekend depsite reading my messages (LINE, showed she had read them). This brings us to today. She finally started talking to me, after neglecting me for close to 2 months (She always used work or sickness as an excuse for not talking to me). This surprised the hell out of me, its like she came alive when I told her that I had friends who would invest ($150,000), but I need to prove to them that I am able to withdraw the money into my bank account and prove it is a safe investment. I kept trying to get her to comply with me, what she did was take the money out of my koinimtd account (this made the application DISABLE my account)(everything was still working up to this point, with no problems (I was still logged in, I got booted out when she withdrew the money)). I finally understood this whole time why she told me not to do anything until I comfirm it with her (the first time I tried withdrawing (without telling her) they FROZE my money, today when she took the money out (I knew she did because it had my wallet address and it DISABLED my account). I even tried to recharge ETH (make a deposit). I never had a problem with customer service, but today (doing it without her knowing). It proved to me why it is SCAM. They will never let you withdraw everything you put in. After having my account DISABLED she told me that the money is now lost (due to malicious Activity) what was malicious? contacting customer support and not having them reply for 3 hours (prior to this having a 10 to 30 minute wait before something happened, but today this magically happens?). She finally told me the only way back into the account was to make another investment (half of the total I put in ($70,000) she asked to have $30,000)(I had supposedly made up to $50,000 with her in 3 days (all fabricated) and was up to $120,000 total in the account). I tried to convice her to pay the fee for me, because at this time I already knew it was a scam and knew it was not possible to recover my money (but perhaps I could trick her into giving me my money (her money) to me. This didnt go over so well, as I know someone was watching over her guiding her in her steps. I kept asking her to prove it, she kept saying tomorrow will be fixed. I knew that tomorrow meant she was going to block my contact and disappear. Low and behold, what we have today, she is gone. I should have really went through this with a fine tooth comb. Scammers, truly go to great lengths to make everything look legitimate. Making Koinimtd look similar to Koinim (the difference is Koinim has no phone application, also be sure to read everything in the application, it wasnt until now that I found Koinimtd to be the developer). Not sure what it is about this timeframe in life with COVID19 going on, it seems like all the scammers suddenly rushed to the surface, or maybe its just bad timing on my part. In the course of 2020 and 2021, I have been scammed twice, both with cryptocurrency and now have lost all my life savings and now have a credit line of $10,000 I need to pay off. Online romance scams I tell you. It isnt safe online dating anymore, be aware of who and what you are talking to them about (ALWAYS keep your finances secret). If it seems to good to be true, it usually is. There is a reason for that. If anyone needs more information or can lead me to the proper direction of how to handle this situation. I have more photos, and converstaions with her documented. Please contact me.
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Best Friend (Wanqing)