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Reported by : 101, 16/05/2021

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Solstarter Fake public sale - There are lots of mock sites to avoid

Scam description
The official Solstarter is still in the process of being whitelisted and has not yet been closed so what is shown here is a mock site that is clearly fake !! Avoid!!!!! **Fake websites:** solstarter. sale/join-our-token-sale.html **Scammer wallets** 0x66f2B5fd4d0779Cb2e72035b61ab49A202Eee9A7 0x8049E1d7fbAb3797fAad0a22eFD80b66a35fB715 0xb23095243A8768D2d6278b54acDDFE8E58B386F8 0x9cEDD2fF5d4621282951d4a5879C8ef18757cbC8 0xC0E319D2f703546c50cFc59DEC8d6e73a040ECb1 0x75e248C28e5866217326442BF45a07bA5b7FD07d Details:
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