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Reported by : dj, 06/10/2021

Votes: 1 / - $AEIL token - Scammers find victims on tinder

Scam description
hinese scammers are searching for crypto noobs. In one case they were looking for their victims on Tinder, where a good looking chinese girl was connecting with the victim. Within 24hrs she started to talk about profits on crypto. She talked the crypto noob into buying USDT on Binance and sending it via Tron to bitcok org bitcmy com in order to buy a worthless token with the Ticker $AEIL. That token is only traded on that platform. The victim could buy these tokens without KYC, but when he tries to sell them, the platform asks him to upload ID Photos and selfies. The path is clear from here. If the victim uploads his data, that ID data can be used for further criminal activity on legit platforms. If you already interacted with these platforms stop it immediately. Do not send funds or ID data. Post your experiences here, so other victims are warned. They are using the following accounts/data etc or are connected with earlier scams under these names:[at][at] bitcmy net bitcmy com bitcok org bitcok net BITCMY LIMITED bitcsell net Eunex Boudation AEIL LTD ZEBIEX LIMITED bitcsell org
Scammer type
Crypto Exchange
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