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Reported by : lifeguard21, 16/10/2021

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I was visiting family in Europe when I matched with this girl on a dating app. I asked her if she wanted to go for a coffee when I was in Zurich, Switzerland. However, she said she was in China and she was using a VPN of Switzerland. Soon after, she proposed to move our chat to WhatsApp. Within 24 hours, kind of casually she mentioned that she was a VP of the crypto analytics department of the big investment firm in China. Then, she started talking about profits she made on selling bitcoin. She said she had over 2000 bitcoins that she sold for 64000 each and she made a fortune. I was very suspicions as first and (of course) did not believe her. She then casually said that she would not invest in bitcoin again due it volatility on the market, however there was this one token called AIEL that just launched recently and at hat time was worth $0.1 USDT and she expected it go up to $25 USDT. Again, I was very suspicious about how she could possibly knew that but she said that based on analytics she could confidently expect the token to go up to a minimum of $5. This token was only traded on Asian crypto exchange platform called I am a noob in the crypto world but I assumed that this could be possible as there were thousands of crypto coins. Many of them never go up and some of them gain much value. However, I was very suspicions about everything she was saying. She was very charming, patient and knew exactly what she was talking about. She knew a lot about crypto and was able to answer all my questions. She explained that if I want to buy AEIL I need to open a virtual wallet in the US (such as or, buy USDT and then send it to the virtual wallet to the Asian crypto exchange to buy AEIL. The Asian crypto exchange was called The website looked underdeveloped, lacked features and had a very simplistic API. The most suspicious thing was that their costumer service email was I had a bad feeling about it right away, however very professionally she explained that it was still a relatively new platform for crypto exchange. I tried googling any information about this platform, however I could not find anything. It was very strange. She assured me that just like binance, coinbase or at first it took them 8-10 months to be discoverable on google. So somehow was able to calm me down and made sense of everything. I had not idea at that time that she was a professional scammer and that the entire scheme was a complete scam. She slowly manipulated me into opening an account on and guided me through the process. She then assisted with opening an account on where I made my first transfer from my bank account of 3000 USD. She then assisted with buying USDT and sending the crypto using a blockchain address of my account on After the money arrived, she explained how to convert USDT to AEIL and I started seeing AEIL slowly gaining value everyday and my assets grow. It was blinding and exciting. Everything seemed real. I could see how the AEIL was traded, however as I found out later this whole platform was an illusion and nothing was actually traded on this platform. The whole website, customer service and scammers that lure naive people into it are a part of a criminal scam organization. She also convinced me to upload my id (US passport) to authenticate my account. I am now afraid that they can use to for identity theft for other criminal activities on legit platforms. Later on, the website simply disappeared. She messaged me later saying that the platform is undergoing a major upgrade so that the money are more secure. Then, she send me a new website called It looked identical to the previous one. The customer service email was changed to [email protected] A week later, the website disappeared again and reappeared as I think people that are being scammed contact authorities and they change domain name to constantly hide away, but I dont know for sure. I then transferred another 2000, USD, 1500 USD and lastly after a months she said convinced me to transfer another 9500 USDT. I basically used all my savings to invest into this scam. I can not believe i was so stupid to do it and every time I think about it my heart hurts. Thats when one of my good friends who I told about this found on internet similar stories. I was shocked. Without telling her, I immediately sold my AEIL and initiated transfer of my funds back to my account but it was too late. The money were immediately blocked, my account flagged and I was sent an email written in a very poor English that If I want to withdraw the money I have to pay 10% of my total amount for verification purposes. Only after that I would be able to transfer the funds. This is when I lost my hope. I tried contacting customer service explaining them that I was scammed however was told that once the money is sent on blockchain and received on the other end, there is nothing they could do. So, here I was loosing all my saving over the years. The scam scheme became clear to me: The scammer builds trustworthy relationship with the victim and manipulates them into investing as much they possibly can. Very possible that the platform is completely fake and that the money are going directly to their crypto wallets. After the victim makes fake profit, the final step is to convince the victim to pay even more money to be able to withdraw the amount. Once the final amount is paid, the victim is never be able to see the money again. I would very much appreciate any help and assistance I could get to try to return the money and capture the criminal organization. The scammer name on WhatsApp is Huang Aike and her number is +49 1590-8517677 They are using the following accounts/data etc or are connected with earlier scams under these names: [email protected] [email protected] BITCMY LIMITED Eunex Boudation AEIL LTD ZEBIEX LIMITED bitcsell org
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Crypto Exchange
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