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Reported by : elbarto12, 13/01/2022

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Miya /Jiani Li +852 5936 0201AEIL/USDT Bitcmy

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So she added me on Tinder, within few days she talked about how everyone wants her only for he money, since she trades crypto. She showed me the site, I send there USDT from Binance. It all seems to work, I was even able to take my 50 USDT back to Binance. So I keep adding, upto like 2K USD. Then after like 3 months of dayly chating, when I want to withdrawn, they want me to send 2k USDT to ... confirm my account according to law against money laundering. As you can expect, site no longer reply on emails and her Watsapp account is gone. Feel like an idiot I did not check harder
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