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Reported by : Jane, 20/03/2022

Votes: 2 - Julian Wong is a SCAMMER!

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Julian Wong, now known as The PPE Dad is shilling for another scam broker called Pocket Option that is owned by Gembell Limited based out of Marshall Islands, a well-known jurisdiction for operations of financial scams with the fake regulation agency called International Financial Market Relations Regulation Center (IFMRRC). He has abandoned the The Binary Lab and now as of late started peddling iBG Finance, a fake DeFi platform designed to swindle unwary investors of their hard-earned money as the “ThePPEDad” (i.e. on Youtube with fake celebratory comments that are written by him. Check out the fake comments, subscribers and likes from his Youtube sock puppet usernames such “Ammie Senavat”, “Teeratika Senavat”, “BinaryChannel”, “mlmtruthrevealed” as well. He also deletes critical comments from those that he misleads into his scams. Julian is using the PPE brokering business as a front to lure people into cryptocurrency ponzi schemes. He is a dangerous fraud with a long history of scams and continues doing this without any conscience swindling people out of their hard earned money.
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Crypto Blogger
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