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Reported by : nbdycare, 14/03/2020

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Sourena Youshizade

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Iranian criminal and international criminal Sourena Youshizadeh and his partner, Alireza Nemati, intended to scam cyberbullying victims by using cyberattacks and promises of profits through fake trade and projects which all was fake and scam, then They disappeared overnight. they asked people Instead of keeping their funds in their wallet, to pay their funds to him through various Ponzi projects such as companies, social media channels, websites, etc. which all were fake to generate income and ensnared many. These international smugglers traveled to different countries with multiple passports and fake documents, trapping different people. It is noteworthy that the number of these complaints has reached around 4000 people worldwide. They make their life luxury by stealing money. Sourna Yushizadeh was once arrested but tried to get out of prison with paying lots of money. now they are trying to put their faults on others with paying a lot of money.
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