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Reported by : GriderEight1Nine, 29/03/2022

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Hendrix Ertekin

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Hendrix Ertekin Case 3F6bAd2rYk3Xviyj4nuWiqpT92PwoW6suW Hendrix Ertekin will entice you with an incredible opportunity such as $1,010 investment with a $10,000 return in 48 hours. Like many of the victims, I was invited to the group by a stranger. Like most people, I was super skeptical about at first, so I started interacting with the group since I noticed there were many testimonies on how they have received their investment back. I would reach out to people in the group, and ask them about their experience and their investment journey. Unfortunatley for me. Everyone of of those people are in it to scam you. I cant tell whether theyre real people or theyre just avatars controlled by the scammer. Ultimatley, the scammer created a false sense of credibility to entice you to invest. The process is like this: 1. You share with Hendrix on which investment plan you would like to partake in 2. You send BTC to his wallet (3F6bAd2rYk3Xviyj4nuWiqpT92PwoW6suW) 3. 48 hours later, he would reach out and say, hey, your profit is ready, and I am ready to send. However, theres a fee ($890) associated to the transaction. Please pay that. 4. Once you paid, he would then say, hey, your profit is stuck, we need more money to push the transaction forward. and so on. 5. At this point, either youre tapped out or you start to be very skeptical. 6. He would use tactic such as, hey, when the profits hit your account, dont forget to create testimonial videos to help others. 7. He would say, hey, I have plenty of coins in my wallet, I will just send it from my personal accoutn so you would get it for sure. 8. He would create this false identity that he wants you to help others when youre financially stable. NOTE: all the people that I reached out privately would say very positive things about Hendrix such as, oh yeah, the transaction will go through. He is there to help you win. Its a once in a lifetime opportunity. In the end, I lost quite a bit of money (close to $9K). I still feel sick when I look through the text messages between me and Hendrix and the other people. By the way, once he knows youre tapped out. He will kick you out of the Telegram group, and all the other people will de-friend you. Given my current financial circumstance, I was looking for a way out. Unfortunately, the short-cut I was looking for was a fraud. Please dont follow my footstep. Everything in life needs to be earned. If its easy, its not worth fighting for. I feel embraced and disappointed with myself...especially I am one of those people that would say, I know better not to engage something thats too good to be true. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions. I hope this man, Hendrix, or whatever his real name is, would get caught by the authority. He is still out there scamming people.
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