Crypto Scam Report

Reported by : GriderEight1Nine, 29/03/2022

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Invest Assurance LTD

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Like many of the victims, I was invited to the group by a stranger. I was super skeptical about the program, but there were many testimonies on how these people have received their investment back. I would reach out to those people in a private chat, and ask them about their experience and their investment journey. Unfortunatley for me. Everyone of those people are in it to scam you. I cant tell whether theyre real people or theyre just avatars controlled by the scammer. Ultimatley, the scammer created a false sense of credibility to entice you to invest. The process is like this: 1. You go to the website 2. You create a username and password. 3. You choose an investment plan, and I did the classic plan, $1000. 4. Once you have contributed your BTC, your balance would show up in the system. 5. At this point, you pick the investment plan, and you watch your account start to earn money. 6. After the transaction has been completed, you would want to take out some of the proft to test it out. 7. The first withdraw would go out smoothly so that it would create credibility for the program. 8. However, as you continued on, you want to make sure you can withdraw the money again. However, as you attempt to do so, youre informed that the transaction has been stuck because theres a monthly maintenance fees for you to pay. In my case, it was $200 for the classica plan 9. Theres an admin, Zack Bennett, that would guide you through the process. Theres also an account officer, Charles Edward, that would deal with your account hold. 10. Once you have sent the BTC over to them and verified that the eveything has been cleared, you would be kickout the Telegram group, and everyone that you have spoken with in the chat would de-friend you as well. In the end, I lost about $1,000 in this process. This is the second time that I have gotten scammed. This is aboslutely embrassing. I hope you can learn from my mistake. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions. I hope this company or the inviduals who are running the scam, would get caught by the authority. They are still out there scamming people.
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