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Reported by : Dayane, 23/04/2022

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iBG.Finance is a SCAM! Vin Menon is a MAJOR Fraud!

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Recently, iBG tokens got dumped all down to $0.10 now (on the BSC and ETH networks, respectively) after the alleged so-called “glitch” and now people are reporting that they cant withdraw iBG tokens from v1 platform to the new v2 platform. This “glitch” that made ROI into over a million percent was an inside job by the scamming developers as to pretend as if “savvy” investors were pumping the tokens and cashing out. This was definitely a slow rug-pull from the start. Vin Menon is not a licensed fund manager in Singapore and is not registered by Monetary Authority of Singapore to handle any investors funds. This company is actually being operated in Seychelles, a jurisdiction with very lax financial regulations but no physical presence as well. So the owners were lying about having being domiciled in Singapore. Please tay away from this scammer and anyone promoting this sham.
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Dr. Vin Menon
Dr. Vin Menon
iBG.Finance - Fake Crypto Token Ponzi
iBG.Finance - Fake Crypto Token Ponzi

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