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Reported by : AntiDolos Media, 17/01/2023

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BlaBla Game (BLA) is a scam ICO

Scam description presents the world’s first Rock-Paper-Scissors game in Crypto. They have operated their idea since the Nov 2021 and had two failed ICO stages so far. But why do we believe BlaBla Game (BLA) 100% is a scam? **5 REASONS YOU SHOULD NOT FALL INTO THIS PROJECT**: 1. Providing false statistics: After fact checking the data provided about the games, users and financial transactions by the project, we realized that every number you see on their site is fake by a vast difference. ![Bla Bla Game 2023]( 2. Low activity in social media: The Bla Bla ICO is one of the least active in social media. They don’t have money to pay for ads, attract audiences, marketing, and pro content production. [Antidolos tools]( found 15% fake followers on Twitter and YouTube, and there are about 40% on Telegram. 3. Failure to allocate funds to Ads and Marketing. 4. Lying about the users and players and achievements. ![Bla Bla game have a fake team]( 5. Fake team and misuse of people’s names and photos: What is certain is that they don’t want to reveal their real identity and abuse people’s names and photos. But if they intend to stay in this market, why should they do this? We leave the answer to you. *BlaBla Game (BLA) Whitepaper is Full of Bugs Do Not Expect Legal info! Where is The Bla Bla ICO Location?* They do not have any license to start this business, and the Bla Bla ICO is not under any country’s tax laws and company registration. They have no location and can quickly disappear. We tried our best to be optimistic about BlaBla Game (BLA). According to the complete analysis and review that we did on the [Antidolos Media](, we found out that the Bla Bla ICO is a scam. Which is decreasing compared to the supply of tokens. We do not suggest investing in this scam. ![ BlaBla (BLA) ICO token]( If this page is not complete and sufficient for you, you can find the **full article with documents, evidence, and complete financial, media, team, idea and Whitepaper details along with photos** in the link below.
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