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Reported by : crypto2, 23/01/2023

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Proof of Humanity -SCAMMERS

Scam description
Beware of this project! They are asking you to deposit 0.111 eth during the registration but They will do anything trying do not to refund you this payment. Home page information is written in very tiny letters and you dont even anderstand how easily you can be cheated. Any little mistake and you lost your money. No any resubmission!No such option!They are waiting for you mistakes! This is not Proof of Humanity but Proof of Stupidity that you even come to their page. Many projects do KYC but only this group of scammers come up with the idea of taking $200 deposit and do not return it in case of any minor mistakes (real or not real) This project is a primitive gung of scammers According to their own stats already 626 people lost their hard earned money because of any kinds of mistakes (see pict) 626x0.111=69 eth=$113.000+.
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