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Reported by : Agui, 26/02/2023

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Prime Crypto Markets

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1. This Company under the name of Prime Crypto Markets with other affiliated Companies have taken me for many rides in trying to pay me my Profits. At the moment, they are thretenibg to wioe out all my profits if I dont pay the balance of the upgrade of $1000. My Money with them is $177,700. I have paid a lot of Money to this Wallet: 3BjhqhNJD1yFVg7nxtVg4c9RVTt6tTnxGt which is controlled by James Santos. The Manager is Robert Werner. email: [email protected] They are now clising the System tomorrow on 27 February and I loose all my $177,700. I have tried to ask yhem to take their expences from my profits but they have refused. I am requesting for this Company to be stopped.
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