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Reported by : Yoniro, 21/04/2023

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Alex Gonzalez a.k.a. @fxalexg is a SCAMMER!

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Alex Gonzalez a.k.a. @fxalexg is a scammer in bed with the other scammers, he illegally ran FMS Traders in the USA out of Florida with 4 of the other FOREX scammers. His addresses prove he all rent his houses. The biggest meet and group posers met up, wanna be fake millionaires. All his money is made on affiliates and scamming people from Athens Markets and FMS Traders and now another BS funded site. He deserve a special place in Hell, Ill be laughing when all of you guys catch a case by the SEC and CFTC.
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Alex Gonzales - @fxalexg
Alex Gonzales - @fxalexg

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