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Reported by : Yoniro, 21/04/2023

Votes: 1 SCAM - Raul A. Gonzalez III

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This scammers real name is Raul A. Gonzalez III He is constantly showing FAKE MT4 demo accounts and has some of the worst mentoring that I have ever seen just losing trades after trades. A complete waste of my time and money joining that joke. I now realize LamboRaul is nothing but a fraud just like Cue Banks, @fxalexg and the rest of the jokers on Instagram. He claims to make $150k a day in his YouTube videos but then has time to constantly sell his scam fraudulent services. Clearly Made all his money from his dad @drgsmile a.k.a. Dr Raul Gonzalez. His dad is a dental surgeon and appears to be funding this clown into enticing youngsters like myself into the scam forex services even saw his dad dancing with him on a boat popping champagne on a video. His girlfriend @nicolegarcia appears to be in on the scam too. Please AVOID this clown LamboRaul just another fake lifestyle guru - I got burned and I hope no one else does.
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