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Reported by : wc, 23/04/2023

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FFEX coin or FFUEX global platform

Scam description
i found this crypto trading platform is fake. first FFUEX global trading platform is not found in listed recognise crypto webpage. furthermore the coin we trade called FFEX/USDT is also not found in any famous trading platform or ICO. FFEX only display in FFUEX global exchange platform. Why i say is scam? Once you gain money and start to withdraw some USDT to porper crypto exhcange like Huobi, the platform bar you with message to pay 30% income tax on total account balance. When u heard crypto need to pay income tax? Moreover is governed by international monetary policy and financial regulations!!! No logic sense at all. The APK file to install the FFUEX apps, is not from google play store/apple store/huawei gallery.
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Crypto Exchange
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email on asking 30% income tax to unlock account.
email on asking 30% income tax to unlock account.

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