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Reported by : koydibadra, 19/05/2023

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WARNING--Backstage (BKS) ICO is a Scam Crypto!

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> SCAMMER WEBSITE: HTTPS://BKSBACKSTAGE.IO/ I have been one of the supporters and early investors in Backstage (BKS) ICO in private ICO for over a year. Perhaps this project has strengths and protrusions in certain aspects, but after a few months people start asking questions about the NFTs they offer as VIP tickets for some unheard events and concerts, and even after a few months the status of the tokens and public sale is not clear. **BKSbackstage Crypto is a demonstrative IDO and It is not what it shows.** [![](]( Eventually the questions and concerns were blocked and the group removed as their response. *Today I found this disclosure report about this project.* Now many things are clear. They are extremely weak in terms of team, finances, regulatory compliance and project progress and investing in NFTs that have no support, utility, and future is the dumbest decision ever. [![](]( [![](]( [![](]( In my opinion, **Backstage (BKS) ICO is a scam as a Crypto project.** *I recommend you read this report.*
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Backstage (BKS) IDO is scam
Backstage (BKS) IDO is scam

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