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Reported by : smichal, 25/06/2023

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Proof of Humanity

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Avoid Proof of Humanity if you can. There is a mandatory deposit of 0.125 ETH which more than 1500 people lost after being targeted by scammers. That equals to app. 180 ETH scammed out of people. Scammers exploit Proof Of Humanity platform, it is extremely easy to make an error during registration, there is no possibility to correct the error, and then you are targeted by scammer who will challenge your registration and will receive almost all of your ETH. There is ZERO accountability, you wont get any support from Proof of Humanity, they will blame you for everything, they dont care at all about being exploited by scammers. The COURT which decides about your challenged registration is one big joke. It is not a court, it is just a group of people who pooled court tokens, which give them possibility to JUDGE, but there is no written statement or any explanation at all of the court decision. Here you can see me getting scammed - . Here is my evidence submitted to that ridiculous court . All of it was ignored, no explanation given. Proof of Humanity states its goal as: This policy serves one main purpose: Ensuring each entry in this registry represents a unique, living, existing human being. But they dont care at all whether you are real person. Avoid Proof of Humanity, youre are likely to get robbed of your deposit.
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