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Reported by : stella, 31/03/2020

Votes: 57 GROUP) -Ponzi Scam!

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PRAETORIAN GROUP--COMPLETE SCAM!!!! This is just a typical ponzi pyramide collecting peoples money, promising up to 30% month reward, etc. No information about the team! Actually you cant find any quality pictures of any of them. No any information about how do they make such profits! Just one asian guy telling the story how he started trading with 20 btc and received very good profits :) Actually I am sure he lost all his money and came up with the idea of making money from stupid people over internet. :) No any proves of professional team and no any legal information! Just promises to make you rich :))))) This company also collects FAKE REVIEWS so beware!!!! Never invest in such scams or lost your money! Please be smart and stay away from this company. Check more details:
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