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Reported by : nick_glow, 31/03/2020

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The known fraudster Vitaliy Dubinin is behind the Bitcoins Wealth Club SCAM! New users are being promised an automated system that can generate over 0.3 bitcoins/day, on auto-pilot and absolutely free. In reality, the only thing that is free is the promotional Facebook group, in which half of the users are absolutely fake. Once you become a member of Bitcoins Wealth Club, you will be redirected to Ponzi and Multilevel marketing schemes with no regulations, reputation or contact information. Vitaliy Dubinin makes his money by referring you to these systems using fake promises and selling you dreams. Let’s start with USI-Tech, it’s falsely represented on as in reality is purely a recruiting scam owned by Ralf Gold who’s a known scammer based on research. The Co-owner Jao Severino was involved with the infamous AMC INVEST scam, and been banned from any financial activities in Portugal as a result. This is literally anonymous and uses an off-shore address in Dubai, and the business registration number provided is fake. In order to use their software, you must register with one of two very shady brokers Pure Market or ArgusFX. Bitcoins Wealth Club forgot to mention that you will need to pay 600 Euro for this 12 level Forex lifetime access offered by USI Tech, therefore joining this pyramid scheme is not free. At the absolute minimum you will need to pay 50 Euros for the simple Bitcoin package. This investment scheme, is not regulated under any financial authorities internationally which should deter any investor looking for a legitimate opportunity. A simple research for additional reviews will quickly deter you from this fraud. is created in a way that potentially can cost each member thousands of dollars in order to qualify for the various offers. Please stay away!
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Vitaliy Dubinin-scammer

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