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Reported by : beencheated, 22/04/2020

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woodie fernadez

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They add me in the IG. Then they asked me whether know about the BITCOIN. Indeed, i have do some investment on it. The return is so slow. So i believe they can help me on that. So i send over my btc to them. They have show me the profit I gained from a website (, It is incredible high return. After 2 days, they told me that my account had hit the maximum, so i need to pay more to unlock my account which is USD800. After 3 months, they keep asked me to send money to them for unlock my account, i told them i dont have so much money, i only have USD300, they said i can send to them first so that they can return some money to me for further unlock. anyhow, after i send the money, immediately they deny it, they said they asked for 800 not 300. Valueable Lesson learnt!
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Crypto Blogger
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