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Reported by : apious, 27/05/2020

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Ahmed Al Qasimi (He claims)

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He messaged me on whatsapp I work with a Freelance Cryptocurrency firm named ELM Financials. We are just reaching out to people who may be in need of a profit earning opportunity, extremely safe and secure, where you dont have to send your money to anyone. You can do this from the comfort of your home, it is simply a way of creating passive income. Basically he was speaking about an investment plan. Asked me to invest 3000$ of Bitcoin and said it would generate by autotrading into sums of 25% profit per week. I said I dont have a high aomunt and then he convinced we can start at 300 dollars to FORCE TRADE because of my small fund. I could NOTICE how my bitcoin funds in my wallet disappear to 0$ and i started complaining. His reaction was Oh the amount was so small the server has eaten it up. You have to start over with 500$ atleast. I realized something was wrong and kept asking to return the amount which he claims is GONE and cannot be retrieved. I even called on a phone number to speak to him. Even over the phone he convinced thats its okay if you invest tonight FIRST thing tomorrow you`ll see your prifit and you can cash out easy. You can have everything you dreamt about etc etc. I can share my wallet snapshots of transactions, the whatsapp chats, and the contact numbers. Unfortunately I didnt record the phone call. Please help me and nail such scammers his whatsapp number +1 (214) 790-7271 the number he gave me to call him +1 848 230 7637 One of the CLIENT Mr. Richard to contact for feedback he gave me +1 (917) 724-8392
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