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Reported by : cheater888, 03/06/2020

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Amfeix calling itself a BANK and often promises 100% returns. Their wallet has a large balance of around 129 BTC Check how it works :) 1 BTC from 33ns4GGpz7vVAfoXDpJttwd7XkwtnvtTjw going to 1HH6b4JprHQ4KRXzFPLCwS8SjeGLBG5Qza then back to 33ns4GGpz7vVAfoXDpJttwd7XkwtnvtTjw As you can see somebody sending 1 btc the moving that 1 btc to another address and sending it again back :) The balnce is fabricated :) Currently AMFEIX ponzy is DONE. All telegram group admins are gone, just a note from the CEO stating that that due to some apparent congestion from the bitcoin halving, all withdrawals have to be manually processed and that takes time while the AMFEIX system gets redeveloped
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