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Reported by : celeste6762000, 07/06/2020

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Cloud Mining CPU Win

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Want to earn extra income? It is very easy! Refer CPU Win to your friends, relatives or coworkers. You will earn %20 from Bitcoin producers. You can share your affiliate URL at social media (Facebook, Twitter, Path), blogs, forums, emails, and so on. I did find this by mistake on youtube from some others recommendations regarding trusted mining farms sites, and I did subscribed on that site, to work better and saving automatically after each 3 minutes I paid 0.03 BTC and eac time I did reached this sum again I did ask for payout and they said payment deadlines : Transaction process : payments will be processed within 3 days and Payment process after 2-3 weeks. I noticed after 4 weeks that in the payment history it was PAID my first withdraw but I didnt received any payment in my Coinbase account. I did tried to cntact them, but after I pass the Im not a robot part, I cannot press the send button bcs staying blocked.
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