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Reported by : cheater888, 12/01/2020

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Atonomi ICO

Scam description
Atonomi ICO (ATMI) n June 6, 2018 Atonomi ICO raised $25 million at a price per Atonomi (ATMI) of $0.063. The following month, they opened the Atonomi trading in exchanges at half of ICO price, significant investment loss to people who participated in the ICO. However, this is just the beginning, month-after-month, the price continues to drop and now trading at $0.00063 with a total market capitalization of $309,715, and a 24h volume of $15,716. Overall, Atonomi (ATMI) coin loss a shocking 99 percent of its value from the ICO price. In short, everyone who invested in Atonomi (ATMI) lost money. Anyone who HODLed until now lost almost their entire investment. These reasons are enough to call Atonomi (ATMI) a scam. The evidence that the Atonomi (ATMI) ICO was simply a mechanism to raise money from crypto community. How’s their product updates and social/communication updates? Rarely providing a product updates, obviously a forgotten project. Looking at their Telegram group (, no communication from their team, clearly the team doesn’t care anymore as they already raised the money.
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Atonomi ICO,Andrii Zamovsky Strategic Development Partner
Atonomi ICO, Mike Mackey CTO and VP of Engineering
Atonomi ICO,Dr. Luis Paris Chief Data Scientist
Atonomi ICO, David Fragale Co-Founder and VP of Product
Atonomi ICO, Vaughan Emery Founder and CEO

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