Crypto Scam Report

Reported by : IrenaT, 24/06/2020

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Scam description
Convinced by the promises of my referer, in May 2020, I have opened an account at in order to invest in bitcoin and get the profit according to their investment plans. After my account balance riched $1000, the admin of the company has twice suspended my account with different explanations and demanded that I have to deposit higher amounts (first $1460 and after $2500) to be able to unblock it. When I sent them the total of the required amount (me $2460 and my referrer sent $1500), the admin has activated my account and the funds with the profit ($6094) were due for payment. I asked to withdraw it to my wallet at, but they insisted on paying my funds to my wallet at And the admin asked me to allow him access to my wallet, explaining that their financial department would transfer the funds directly as a standard procedure. So, I did it, and in my wallet were transferred funds (0.815 BTC, with an explanation, that the company has given an extra bonus for inconveniences happened to me with my account). But the funds were lent to non-spendable address with the private key, which means that I couldnt use it. Right after that, I got an email from an email address named in which they introduced itself as a blockchain support team and asked me to pay $2000 to give me the private key and to be able to use the funds. I realized that they arent officials of and refused to pay. I have told about it to the admin and the funds were immediately removed from my wallet. With that, I definitely concluded that it was a scam and that the admin was directly involved in it, and also I suspect to my referer that he helps him because he always convenience me that I will get the funds, and have nothing to afraid of. I want you to know, that I have all the screenshots from the blockchain transactions, the wallet, account balance, emails, Whatsapp chat, online chat, FB chat, and also I have their names, phone numbers, and email addresses (of the admin and of the referer) and all other details. I sincerely hope and kindly ask you to start an investigation to find these fraudsters, to prevent them from continuing to scam the people and, if possible, to recovery the invested funds.
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