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Reported by : cheater888, 12/01/2020

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exxa wallet

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EXXA The 3 main members of the team are: Danny Pang – Founder Francis Aw – Co-Founder Gregory Ang – Co-Founder EXXA Scam is another token wallet scam just like all the rest. Simply a ponzi scheme with no proof of external ROI. Their token coin has manipulated value, artificial demand and no real world use. EXXA wallet is a ponzi crypto wallet that supposedly does external arbitrage trading for you and pays you passive returns. What makes it a scam? All of these Crypto Token Wallets are just pump and dump ponzi coins with artificial demand just like Cloud Token and Plus Token that scammed millions of dollars when they did their exit scam. Plus token wallet scammed 3 Billion dollars FYI. The EXXA platform claims to be: Mobile Wallet Crypto Exchange AI Trading Bot Digital Academy Digital Lifestyle Travel Network They also claim to be a decentralized wallet, even though you do not own the private keys, so they have access to your wallet and can shut it down or steal your crypto anytime. – No real proof of trading like they claim that generates the ROI. – ROI is generated from recruitment only Its a phone app, all they have to is pull the App down and POOF they disappear along with your money. They have their own crypto coin, MLM and crypto do not mix. 21 level deep comp plan what? They make you buy their coin, which inflates the value, its complete artificial demand. They manipulate the price of the token as they see fit Their coin is a garbage mlm coin that will not hold value and will not ever be listed on a public exchange. The EXXA token coin has no real world use. Only used to siphon your bitcoin. Just another Crypto MLM ponzi scam! DO NOT JOIN, unless you want to LOSE YOUR MONEY.
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ExxaWallet, WanHSI Yeong, exxa team
Exxa Wallet, Lynn Cheah, exxa team
Exxa Wallet, Sherrpy Ong, exxa team
Exxa Wallet,Francis Aw – Co-Founder
Exxa Wallet,Gregory Ang – Co-Founder
Exxa Wallet, Danny Pang, Founder

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