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Reported by : cheater888, 24/01/2020

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Jet8 ico

Scam description
JET8 claimed to be decentralized mobile engagement network connecting influencers, audiences and brands through the value of social currency. Token Sale ended 6 MARCH 2018 and collected $32.000.000 Current token price is close to zero and team doesnt care. They are happy driving lambos. Everyone who invested in Jet8 lost money. Token price was never equal or above ico price. Anyone who HODLed until now lost their entire investment. These reasons are enough to call jet8 a scam. The evidence that Jet8 ICO was simply a mechanism to raise money from crypto community.
Scammer type
Scammer's link
Scammer's Photo
Shannon Cullum JET8 CMO
Santi Corrales JET8 CTO
Mike Allen JET8 CCO & Founder
Joshua Thomson JET8 CSO & Founder
Victor Zabrockis JET8 CEO & Founder

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