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Reported by : raisin1030, 13/07/2020

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Scam description
I was being sold into this cryptocurrency investment project on July 3rd, 2020. It is currently offering ICO called Cure Chain or CUC on a cryptocurrency platform called Poebtc My contact provided me this website and said everything I need to know is there. My contact stated it was an inside information from her family member that is currently working at HSBC. I was being told that good return will definitely be possible. So I took out a sum of $3000 CAD that I have been idling and planning to invest in something. After completed my first transaction is where things started to seem off to me. My contact started to use aggressive tactic and attempted to convince me that I need to invest more than just $3000 CAD (Or just above $2000 USD). I stood my gun and insisted that I need to see positive results moving forward in adding more funds into Poebtc. Then my contact starting giving me attitude and saying I was being stupid, unreasonable, and wasnt respecting her. She was hinting to me that she wanted me to add at least another $30,000 to $50,000 into CUC, which of course I declined. Eventually we had gone to the point where she had blocked my number on Whatsapp. I got a feeling that she was directly involved with the project, rather than just investing based on insider information from family. I tried to research about the CUC and Poebtc but it was leading me almost little to no information online. I started reading everything on the CUC website and my suspicious starting to grow even more due to the way the website is structured and worded. After some extensive online research I even managed to located another person that also has similar suspicion as me after being sold to the CUC token recently.

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