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Reported by : nick_glow, 26/07/2020

Votes: 46 Cryptocurency recovery scam!

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Do not hire scammers to recover your fund from scammer! As you can see going through the website you cant find any information about the team or the company. They claiming have 6+ years experience with 982+ client. But, the sites is created on 2020-02-20, its only around 5-6 months! That sites is also plagiarism from or probably its from the same fraudster. In Crypto world no recovery service is going to work.Because as you know Crypto transections cant get back or cancel if transection already done. ---------- This is the story from one vitness: Story: Couldnt withdraw my BTC from one of the fraud trading platforms called ( which kept my account on hold so i hired which claimed to be a recovery service to retrieve my investments. little did i know i did many deposits to them and i havent received a single proof regarding my funds. They promised so many times that it will end on the next level but after every payment i did they need more. After 2 months without a trace of my funds. i requested for the CEO John Hooper to have an agreement that i will do my last payment to him for funds retrieval. he accepted that offer and he sent me the agreement. After sending the amount , he Said it will take 72 hours for the amount will be reflected to my account. Sadly after 48 hours he asked for more fees and if i didnt pay all funds will be lost. Recovery service meant to give second chance for people to get what they lost. but taking what is left from them and keep them dry to the bone shows that these people need to be behind bars for life. one non-legit recovery service will affect all the legit recovery service online and this need to be addresses sooner or later. Website Link: Email Address: [email protected] Amount Scammed: More Than $50,000 USD Payment Method: Bitcoins Proof of Payment: Did multiple of payments but i will send just one ( Additional Notes: The CEO John Hooper and his expert John did many promises during the past and lied many times without providing any proof of work. i have requested for invoice of all my payments and they denied. I requested for there contact number they denied that. He ignored my emails after my last payment to him. My advice dont trust any claimed recovery service online specially if there new in the market. Proof of Contract: Non Spendable Btc address added by in my account: 3JXRVxhrk2o9f4w3cQchBLwUeegJBj6BEp 13DB1k3nXeCEpy8oQYWDDMstxkvKJjg9Ko 38zn2JTSqwfGaTj8W8DjBTkeESCaeXLL9o
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