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Reported by : Matt, 28/07/2020

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Paulo Philips (paulophilips440) SCAM

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Paulo Philips or other known name online paulophilips440 lured me in ponzi scheme stating will be getting 4 to 6X of my BTC investments if joined his program. This occured sometime during Nov 2019. i used to message him on whats-app where he states the program how is it works that you need to deposit BTC and monitor the website and check if any losses happens i need to mention to him and he will act on it. The website called ( after depositing some amount BTC during that time in the trading platform it went up to 3X in few weeks. so i mentioned i need to withdraw the btc he said im with the family and give me sometime after a month or so i have been trying to message him but no response. So i messaged him in skype where he replied back saying there is alot of poeple i cant get in touch with everyone! So i asked again i need to withdraw from the website.he said for that to happen i need to deactivate the software from the website so you can withdraw but i need X Amount USD; i told him this wasent part of the agreement. he said what you are going to get is nothing comparing to what you deposited. it is much higher. after depositing the amount via BTC currency. he said i need to travel to chigago to get it done and never heard from him back! i havent sent him multiple emails via whats app, skype and his Email but no response. I tried to withdraw from the website but my account is on hold! after few months the website dissappeared online but im glad i took screen shot of my balance and my deposits before it went down. This was a pure scammer. i shall add his details below for people not to fall into this trap with him or any other scammer in the future. Paulo Philips Contact Number + Whatsapp: +1 919 561 2988 Paulo Philips Email Address: [email protected] Paulo Phlips Skype Name: .cid.b75e1a761633f536 Paulo Philips BTC Address: 1xx8WcA7PcBT3C8NzQT4cU94grkAoXD1m BTC Address: 1Q7teemq6bUa6ZGb1phuUBqYStG5ncBqsb
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Scammer Paulo Philips
Scammer Paulo Philips
paulo philips shows you as he is the family kind of guy !
paulo philips shows you as he is the family kind of guy !

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