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Reported by : jarominsr, 29/07/2020

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Lucky Yakubu on facebook scam

Scam description
Lucky Yakubu uses FB , ask for friendship,looked at his profile, noted that he is a forex binary trade broker, crypto investor, enticed me with 800 t0 1000 percent retun of investment in 3 days. Made me purchased cryptocurrency worth $900, $611 of which he was able to transfer this amount to hisplatform (A1FXTRADE) and thereby started trading after 3 days he asked for $490 to purchase private key to prevent hackers from hacking the profits which I paid with paypal. Then I accessed the trade account and grew amount to $25000. He then told me that in order to withdraw the amount, I need to pay 15% of the total profit amounting to $3900. I told him to just deduct it from my profits but I was denied from doing so.I do not have this amount to pay. I told him to just give me back my money , he can keep all the profits. And did not answer since then. I told him that I am going to report his scamming activities to online and SEC.
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Crypto Blogger
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lucky Yakubu scammer
lucky Yakubu scammer
This his his FB page
This his his FB page

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