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Reported by : stark, 31/07/2020

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Scam description
I have been in bitcoin since 2012, I have gone through the first 8 years without getting scammed. Last week did my luck ran out. was running a campaign last year on bitcointalk, since then have I used the service for small amounts. I have always supported new bitcoin startups, seams like nice project since i believe mixers is much needed in the future due to nature of the bitcoin design. Unfortunately is a long haul scam, he has used 6-7 month to build up reputation, through online articles and campaigns. All made to catch a user that one day will send a large amount of BTC through their mixer. They certainly build up my trust, since they have been reliable for last 7 month for me. This is how they scam: If you send smaller amounts through the mixer, then everything works normally, the coins are mixed without problem. I have e.e mixed up to 0.5 BTC without any problems. HOWEVER, if you send larger amounts, then is the money stolen from you. More details:
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Bitcoin Mixers
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