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Reported by : Baleemann, 01/08/2020

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I invested/deposited $520 worth of bitcons into my account at on 14th july,2020. The admin suggested I engage myself in an ongoing promo for a bonus of $2000 to withdraw after depositing $500 bitcoins for 7 days. The admin assured me that I will be able to withdraw the whole amount with the interest after the promo. I deposited the BTC and the promo ended on the 21st of July, 2020. I had to write mails and several whatsapp chats to remind the admin that the promo has ended and I should be given my earnings plus principal. I finally got a projected $11,000 as the bonus for my earnings on 22nd July, 2020. I then decided to withdraw the money but my withdrawal remained pending for several hours. So I decided to contact the admin via the contact page on the website and whatsapp: +447438593094 to tell him to release my withdrawal. In response, the admin said I have to deposit $1000 yet again as insurance because I have a huge earning. This new policy or arrangement Im hearing for the first time. I pleaded with the admin to enable me withdraw and then pay the insurance out of my earnings since Ill be reinvesting but he/she refused. Infact, the admin stops responding to my messages. Actions such as this only points to one thing: SCAM. I have given enough time to reflect and do the needful by sending back my initial deposit but they refused.
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