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Reported by : Caro, 07/02/2020

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Robert Kim of

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Robert Kim, the YouTube crypto trading “expert” and owner of, just scammed me out of my life savings! He is an expert con artist, orchestrating his scam in a serial manner, incorporating fake trading platforms, confidence game, payment ransom, fake banks, and laundering of $13 million USD cash sourced from Colombia. Please suspend all judgment about how I got suckered into this for now and read on. It is essential that he is banned from all social media and web sites operations on the internet and prevented from stealing more money from investors. Kim is an American born citizen, currently based in Seoul, Korea. He has been accused of serial cons in the US until around 2010, and then started the con game again in South Korea (details are provided by another victim/concerned citizen at www.robertkim-scam-korean, Around 2017, Kim started up which offers free and paid subscription daily technical analysis updates as well as managed trading through API. He often warns viewers on his YouTube videos to not give anyone bitcoin to invest and be careful of imposters making personal contacts through social media. However, he is the “imposter” and I have video proof! Kim “manages” crypto trades through his fake trading platform, He shows enticing profits before demanding a 15% pay in advance profit. He then shows huge profits, but they are never accessible, using blockchain wallet non-spendable funds with no private key. Kim then creates a fake shipping company ( to send a shipping manifest showing that the profits are being sent in US dollars. Similar to the puppy shipping scam, the shippers have many problems and continue to demand more money to get the shipment past customs. Once he has drained the investor of money on each phase of the scam, he goes to a new one. He uses fake banking apps (, to show the huge profit in an account but then requires VAT fees to transfer the funds. When he has finally exhausted all of the investor’s funds and patience, he celebrates his victory by texting f-you gifs while claiming that the investor is naïve!
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Crypto Exchange
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