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Reported by : AntiDolos, 14/08/2020

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CryptoBharat Coin

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**-WARNING- #CryptoBharatCoin is a Scam.** Do not be deceived by their appearance and promises. CryptoBharat Coin is a scam and has started the IEO. ???? We spent a few days doing complete research about them. Flawless investigation with **a lot of evidence and proof**. ???? You can find the full review of #CryptoBharat in the following link. []( #Crypto_Bharat_coin_is_scam #CryptoBharat_coin_is_scam #CryptoBharatCoin_is_scam #CryptoBharat_is_scam #CryptoBharat_scam #CryptoBhartCoin_scam #Scam_Alert
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